BURKITT ASSOCIATES PTY LTD has designed a simple solution to tree planting, especially for large-scale operations. The mechanized tree Planter does NOT require traditional soil preparation (deep ripping / rotary hoe application) or teams of people manually planting trees. The BAPL Treeliner® is designed to effectively plant seedlings with minimal environmental disturbance.

  • Our Treeliner® Tractor mounted treeplanting machines were first developed for use on our Flowering Eucalyptus plantations in Western NSW in the late 1980's as an integral component of our perennial row cropping operations.

  • We cut tree-planting time and cost dramatically. The tractor mounted tree planting machine TREELINER® plants 3000 to 5000 trees per day in uncultivated conditions.

  • Treeliner® has been designed to operate proficiently in a wide range of Australian soil conditions, lightly cultivating sub-soils for root development with minimum disturbance to topsoil.

  • Operations such as slasher mowing, herbicide spraying and soil conditioning and amelioration and watering facilities are employed to further ensure high success rates. Land must be prepared to achieve the best possible results for the planting project.

  • Treeliner® operations and services are ideally suited to ecological reconstruction, native grass plantings, revegetation projects, bush regeneration support, Forestry and agro-forestry projects.




Left to Right Ben, Anthony, Jem, Phil, Sue & Chris

Treeliner working on well prepared land at Hoxton Park, Western Sydney Western Sydney Corridor Project

Treeliner® planting trees into uncultivated ground.