Native Cut Flowers

In the late 1980`s BAPL & TREELINER® embarked on a new and innovative native cut flower project in central NSW. Our aim was to introduce several Eucalyptus species with large flowers and interesting foliage and nuts into the cut flower market.

Rare & endangered in Western Australia, our production plantations, in NSW, of over 4000 mallee bushes supply the domestic market on the eastern seaboard. In addition to the local market we have recently exported small loads to Japan.

Our plantations also produce dried craft products, like large gum nuts 10cm long…..

Have a look at some photos of some big eucalyptus flowers and the plantation.

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This flower is 10cm across. Produced from BAPL Eucalyptus cut flower, foliage and nut plantations in central NSW. An example of the second largest flowering Eucalyptus species.

Large Eucalyptus nuts weighing down the branch of a Mallee bush.